Clifford Algebra \mathcal Cl_{p,q}

Orthonormality Axiom: Conversion of Clifford Algebra Cl(p,q) in terms of Cl(n+2,0)

Clifford algebra \mathcal Cl_{3,0}

Pauli algebra: scalars, vectors, bivectors, and trivectors

Pauli identity and vector products: geometric, dot, wedge, and cross

Exponentials of Cliffors: Hyperbolic, Null, and Circular Functions

Rotations in the xy-plane via exponentials of imaginary vectors: polar and rectangular coordinates

Vector rotation in 3D using exponentials of imaginary vectors

Uniform circular motion in a plane: differentiation of exponentials of imaginary vectors

Spherical basis vectors in terms of exponential rotation operators

Clifford algebra \mathcal Cl_{4,0}

Event cliffor and the Minkowski metric

Dirac algebra: Spatial inversion of cliffors via the unit time vector

Circular rotation of an event in spacetime

Hyperbolic rotation of an event in spacetime


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